Eco-Pro Construction: Transform Your Las Vegas Backyard with Stunning Living Areas

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Backyard Living Areas

We have been designing and installing beautiful backyard living areas since the 1990s. Our reputation for an unparalleled quality of service and excellence in Las Vegas has earned us a place in the list of the best home renovation and construction companies.

We are a competent and fast-growing home renovation company that specializes in a lot of construction and home remodeling services including backyard living areas.

Our remodeling staff is competent and undergoes thorough certification and training to ensure that the value of work retains and meets the highest standards set by our beloved customers.

The Construction Process of Backyard Living Areas in Las Vegas by Eco-Pro Construction

Here’s the seamless process we follow when you hire us to build your backyard living area:

Analysis and Inspection

We match you with the right design specialist on our team. He goes over all the details of your remodeling projects. Furthermore, he would also be the one answering all of your queries.


After that, we schedule another visit to measure your backyard. We take exact measurements followed by photos to upload into the CAD software to create your backyard living area design.

Design and Site Planning

In the design process, we create a CAD architecture plan and go over all the changes in the backyard with you. After price confirmation, we move to the part where we design 3D rederning and landscapes.


We pull all the permits from the local municipal authorities and start the construction process to transform your space into a beautiful yet functional backyard.

Backyard Living Areas Services by Eco-Pro Construction

We can build the following:


Ground pools are not just pools but an important element to improve your lifestyle. They transform the boring and average-looking backyards into exotic and luxurious home resorts. We custom design and plan your inground pool, which allows us to build your pool in any shape and of any size.

Adding a pool or a spa in your backyard will dramatically increase the value of your property. You would even reap the benefits of your investment in the backyard if you decide to sell the property.

We custom design:

  • Formal pools
  • Freeform pools
  • Modern pools
  • Infinity pools
  • Spas
  • Saltwater pools


Outdoor BBQ spaces and kitchens do not only entertain your guests but also add beauty to your backyard. In fact, turning your backyard into an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ area is a great way to bring your family and friends close.

We construct all kinds of outdoor kitchens- starting from prefabricated countertops and islands to full-service kitchens with all the appliances, refrigerator, and cooking station.

Firepits and Fireplaces

Fire features are appealing and draw people to your backyard. Adding a fireplace or a fire pit means that you are building a place for your friends and family to gather on a chilly evening.

We have a wide array of fire pits and fireplaces available- from the Mediterranean style to modern.  We can mold your requirements to any style and design.

Call us now and turn your barren backyard into a visioned yet beautiful place for your friends and family to enjoy.

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