Explore 9 Common Bathroom Layouts for Your Renovation Project

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Bathroom Layouts

Bathrooms are the most important point of our homes. They are where we spend most of our time. We have the information you need, whether you are looking to remodel an existing bathroom or build a new one.

Parts of A Bathroom

Bathroom layouts are usually composed of several components: a sink, a tub, a toilet, and a shower. The full bathroom contains all four components. Three-quarter bathrooms are bathrooms with three components. Two of the four components are required for half bathrooms. A quarter bathroom is the smallest type of bathroom, while the primary bathroom is the most important.

Bathroom accessories can enhance the overall design and function of your bathroom.


Towel bar


Storage cabinets

Art and shelving

The best location for bathrooms is to be to the north of your house. This allows you to maximize natural light and ventilation. It is important to consider the flooring and surfaces you choose for bathrooms. They should be slip-resistant and mold- and mildew resistant.

Learn more about the nine different bathroom layouts.

Bathroom Complete

You can have full bathrooms in either a center or side-by-side layout. Side layouts have the toilet, sink, and shower located along one wall of a bathroom.

A center-layout full bathroom features components on two walls. The toilet and sink are paired together on one wall and the bathtub or shower is in place on the other. A central full bath will usually have a center to allow you easy access to all the components.

Three-quarter Bathroom

A three-quarter bath usually has some storage, perhaps a few strategically placed shelves. However, although it is still considered small, it often includes a sink or vanity and a toilet.

Half Bathroom

Sometimes called utility, bathrooms, half bathrooms also have a toilet and sink. You can choose to have a single, linear or split-design space depending on the location of these fixtures.

Quarter Bathroom

These bathrooms are often called utility closets, or utility showers. They usually only have one component: a toilet or a shower stall. A quarter bathroom is an addition to the lower level of a home and allows someone to take care of their hygiene without having to go into the whole house.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is usually the largest and most private of all the bathrooms in a house. Sometimes, it can also be attached to the master bedroom as an en-suite design. This bathroom is also known as the primary bathroom.

You can make your primary bathroom stand out with a master bath. For maximum relaxation, you can add the following optional elements to it:

Sauna or steam shower

Double vanity sinks and mirror

Relax in a soothing Whirlpool Tub with Jets

– Linen storage

For maximum privacy, semi-enclosed toilet

Jack-and-Jill Bathroom

This bathroom can be found between two bedrooms. It has two doors that allow you to enter from either bedroom. These bathrooms may have one or two sinks and can include a bathtub or shower as well as a toilet.

Split/Split Entry to Bathroom

Split bathrooms, separate the main or primary sink and the entry area in one area, while the toilet and tub are located in another part of the bathroom.

Split bathrooms are great for situations when more than one person needs to use the bathroom. They mimic the feeling of two separate bathrooms, since one person can use the sink while another person uses the toilet and tub areas.

Corner Shower Bathroom

Corner shower bathrooms can be used as shower rooms, or even as part of a guest bedroom. You can place the shower stall in the corner if space is limited or in the middle if space is tight.

Accessible Bathrooms for Residents

These bathrooms are wheelchair users. They are usually larger because they require sufficient floor space to allow a wheelchair to turn. These bathroom doors have a minimum width and cannot swing into the free floor space.

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