Electrical Services in Las Vegas

Electrical Services

Electrical Work

We have licensed, professionally trained and insured electricians to offer electrical repairs at the cheapest rates.

Electrical Services in Las Vegas

We offer the following electrical repair services:


Lighting plays an essential role in defining your interior. However, fixing or installing it is a big hassle, especially if there’s a risk to your safety.

Eco-Pro Construction specializes in electrical installation services. Whether you need ceiling light installation in your kitchen or relocate an outlet in your bathroom, we have got you covered.


Too scared to replace the lights? Have short circuits ruined the lighting in your room? don’t worry, call us and we will dispatch an experienced electrician your way.

Our electricians have hands-on experienced to replace and fix any kind of power outlets, fuses, lights, etc.


Electrical repairs are risky and should not be carried out without professional supervision. They should be fixed as soon as possible as lose circuits pose a threat to your life.

We have insured electricians who love to offer electrical repair services across Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Plumbing and electrical work are minor parts of a full-service remodeling project. We have a team of plumbers and electricians to help you out in the process.

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