Put in Pavers by a reliable home renovation company in Las Vegas

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Pavers and artificial turf

Driveway pavers for your sweet home provide durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Pavers for your walkways and driveways are a better option because they are stronger than concrete, although no cheaper. Moreover, they increase the value of your residential property.

Put in Pavers by a reliable home renovation company in Las Vegas

When it comes to construction and remodeling, no one can beat the excellence and standards of Eco-Pro Constuction. We carry a large selection of pavers in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your style and landscape design.

Our driveway work is perfect

We are a top-tier driveway and walkway paver contractor in Las Vegas. Driveways that are made out of concrete do not enhance your home’s exterior. However, pavers do not only create a path to the home but also increases the appeal.

A driveway with pavers is appealing, attention-grabbing and a perfect spot to take your pictures.

Custom paving services in Las Vegas

The sky is the limit when it comes to the applications and the uses of the pavers. You can maximize the outdoor living area with a custom design.

Furthermore, you can create a scenic walkway in your beautiful backyard garden and enhance its appearance.

The wide variety of textures, hues, shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors we have, allow you to build a unique walkway in your garden.

Pavers are not only environmentally friendly but also pleasant-looking when combined with the natural beauty of the grass.

We can install pavers anywhere in your outdoor living area- from relaxing spas and pools to palatial patios and decks.

Explore the pavers styles with us

Popular paver choices among our clientele are:

  • Orco Abbey Blend
  • Olsen infinity
  • Belgard Mega-Lafitt Grana
  • Orco Module Express set
  • Acker stone
  • Orco pavers
  • Angelus
  • Stepstone

Artificial turf installation services in Las Vegas

Growing grass and maintaining it takes a lifetime of effort and money. You have to mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and fertilize the grass to make it look beautiful. And even so, it does not remain green in the autumn season.

Artificial turf in Las Vegas homes

More and more homeowners are turning to artificial turf to improve the curb appeal of their lawns. It looks and feels exactly like real grass and does not need mowing, watering, cutting, etc.

Pet artificial turf installation

You can say goodbye to dirty paws, mulch, scratches, poop, muddy yards, and gravel. Artificial turf is pet-friendly and lasts for more than a decade.

Our turf installers always ensure to select the best turf for pets and install it the right way.

Artificial putting greens

Do you want a mini-golf course at your house? If yes, our workers have installed thousands of synthetic putting greens in the homes of Las Vegas.

Although the cost of installation is not cheap, the longer-lasting benefits outweigh it. If you have the vision to build a mini-golf course, we will bring it to life.

Artificial turf landscapes

We also install artificial turf for any residential or commercial landscape.


To know more about our paving and artificial turf installation services, call now and get a free estimate.


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