Expert Advice: Crafting the Ultimate Chef’s Kitchen

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Chef’s Kitchen

The challenge of creating a top-of-the-line chef’s kitchen in a residential space is no match for a remodel expert! The kitchen acts as the central hub for the family. Entertaining, meal preparation, and dining all take place in the kitchen. With so much happening within, wouldn’t you want your kitchen to be as close to a chef’s as possible? Remodeling experts are seeing more chef’s kitchens flood the market in recent years – and for good reason! Efficient, highly rated appliances blend seamlessly with stunning cabinets and countertops to create a modern space that focuses evenly on form and function. Chef’s kitchens can be tricky to install because of the balancing act between a comfortable layout and efficient functional space, but remodel experts can create the ultimate chef’s kitchen in even limited footprints!

Chef’s Kitchen

Remodel Experts Recommend Maximizing Storage

When working in a limited space such as a kitchen, maximizing each nook and cranny is key to getting the best function out of the space. Remodel experts know how to stretch each bit of space into usable real estate. Think about corners and the very backs of cabinets; how often do those get used? A kitchen remodel professional can bring those unused spaces into the limelight with the addition of corner cabinets and sliding cabinets. Even vertical space should be utilized in a chef’s kitchen. Hanging racks for pots and pans is a simple addition that works in almost any kitchen. A bigger budget remodel may even allow for bringing cabinetry to the ceiling. This does double duty: more space for storage, less useless space for dust to gather.

Remodel Experts

Efficient Layouts are Key in Chef’s Kitchens

With all the great storage options taken advantage of, your remodel expert will turn to the kitchen layout itself. The ‘triangle’ layout is the traditional base for a chef’s kitchen. Think of yourself as traveling from each point of a triangle when you cook. You start at the refrigerator, move to a prep space such as the island countertop, and finally head to the cooking range or oven. You’ll want all these areas to be evenly spaced apart to minimize the amount of pacing during meal prep. Most kitchens are created with this movement pattern in mind. Should you find yourself completely changing the layout of the kitchen instead of making small tweaks feel free to add in upgrades such as an in-island prep sink. Creating the ultimate chef’s kitchen is all about convenience so don’t be afraid to add touches that make your daily food prep easier!

Chef’s Kitchens

Choose Quality Appliances That Fit Your Needs

A chef’s kitchen does not need professional restaurant equipment. Restaurant appliances are intended for much heavier use than even the busiest families’ needs and require significantly more energy and gas than home appliances. This doesn’t mean you should stick with the same old range you’ve had since the home was built! Experts suggest upgrading appliances during a kitchen remodel. Save money long term by purchasing high-end energy-efficient home appliances. Sub-Zero refrigerators are a popular brand with remodel experts because they provide air purification and vacuum sealing to keep ingredients fresh for longer. The 1970’s go-to stacked ovens have become popular recently since they make the use out of wall space while giving extra space to cook. Look at what matters most to you when shopping for appliances; if you feel you’re constantly juggling burners, a new range may be just what you need. Meal preppers will want a fridge with added storage. Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself a little with an appliance geared towards your lifestyle! For help getting started on your kitchen remodel project contact Eco-Pro Construction.

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