Elevate Your Bathroom with the Latest Accessories and Designs

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Remodel your Bathroom

Everyone wants a beautiful home. So whether you tackle a remodeling project all at once or renovate room-by-room, a stylish bathroom is a top priority.

A bathroom overhaul can include a cosmetic update for outdated fixtures and finishes or a total redo, plumbing, and all.

Waters Edge Renovations provides solutions for bathroom redesigns with the latest techniques and materials. Our experts use cutting-edge technologies and are knowledgeable about the currently trending styles and materials. Plus, our contractors use only quality products from the best brands.

Worried about the cost of redesigning? It’s a natural concern for the homeowner on a budget. Waters Edge has plenty of budget-friendly bathroom renovation solutions, including:

  • Shower replacement
  • Tub replacement
  • Bath conversion
  • Walk-in-tub installation

Special Features Of Our Services

Durable Tubs

When you’re ready for an updated tub, our designers have you covered. We welcome projects of any scale, from standard upgrades to complex and unique designs.

While many contractors take several days to remodel a tub, our experts get the job done quickly with minimal interruption to daily life. In addition, our professionals will keep your home free from debris while construction is underway.

Plus, we assist customers in selecting the most durable and attractive products for their bathroom, so they’ll enjoy a functional and beautiful design for many years to come.

Stylish Shower

There’s nothing like a shower after a long and hectic day. But, for maximum relaxation heaven, you’ll want to do it in a newly updated, spa-like bathroom!

With so many shower designs available nowadays, it can be confusing and overwhelming to make the best design decisions. Together with our experts, homeowners get the guidance and advice needed to breathe easy while selecting the ideal products according to their individual needs.

Just imagine the incredible accessories you’ll get to choose from, like built-in shelving and seats or a rainfall showerhead!

Comfortable Bath Conversions

Our skilled designers can transform any area of your bathroom into a luxurious, custom bathing space. If you’ve already got a tub, let our experts make it even more unique, fresh, and inviting. With our easy tub-to-shower conversions, you won’t even need a new shower installed!

A tub-to-shower conversion offers many design options, and the best part is the functionality and affordable rates.

Convenient Walk-In Tubs

If your needs include a walk-in-tub, contact us. Our experts can reconfigure your existing tub in a variety of colors with luxurious touches.

We offer hydrotherapy jets, in-line heaters, micro-bubble technology, cushioned bathing seat, and many other options.

Ready for a totally custom remodel or redesign with fair prices and expert installers? Remodeling a bathroom with the latest trends in Las Vegas is just a phone call away! CALL NOW : (702) 537-0069

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