4 Reasons Why SPC Vinyl Flooring is Better Than WPC Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl Flooring

Whether you are doing a home remodel, building from the ground up, or adding to an existing structure, flooring is bound to be something you consider. Rigid core flooring has become extremely popular in home design. Homeowners are choosing this type of flooring for its stylish aesthetic as well as its relatively affordable pricing. When implementing rigid core flooring, there are two main types, SPC vinyl flooring, and WPC vinyl flooring. Both have their pros and cons, but in our opinion, the clear winner is SPC vinyl flooring. In this article, we will discuss four reasons why SPC vinyl flooring is better than WPC vinyl flooring.

First, How are SPC Vinyl Flooring and WPC Vinyl Flooring Similar?

SPC and WPC vinyl flooring are similar in the way that they are constructed. Also, both types of vinyl flooring are completely waterproof. Their construction is as follows:

  • Wear layer: This is a thin, transparent layer that provides scratch and stain resistance.
  • Vinyl layer: This is the layer that’s printed with the desired flooring pattern and color.
  • Core layer: This is a waterproof core made of either stone, plastic composite or wood plastic composite.
  • Base layer: This is the base of the flooring plank that is comprised of either EVA foam or cork.

Secondly, What is the Main Difference Between the SPC Vinyl Flooring and WPC Vinyl Flooring?

The answer to this question is their core composites. SPC stands for stone, plastic, composite, while WPC stands for wood plastic composite. In the case of SPC vinyl flooring, the core is comprised of a mixture of natural limestone, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers. In the case of WPC vinyl flooring, the core is comprised of recycled wood pulps and plastic composites.

Now that we’ve laid out the main similarities and differences, we’ll discuss why SPC vinyl flooring is the better choice over WPC vinyl flooring.

1) Durability

Even though WPC vinyl flooring is thicker than SPC vinyl flooring, SPC is actually more durable. Even though they are not as thick, they are much denser which means they are more resistant to damage from heavy impacts.

2) Stability

While both types of flooring are waterproof and can handle fluctuations in moisture and temperature, SPC vinyl flooring offers superior protection against extreme temperature changes.

3) Price

If price point is an important factor to you, SPC is the more affordable of the two. You can find the SPC for less than $1.00 per square foot.

4) Formaldehyde

Unlike SPC vinyl flooring, formaldehyde is used in the production of WPC vinyl flooring. In fact, most wood flooring contains some level of formaldehyde. This is due to being present in the resin used to press the wood fibers together. While EPA regulations are in place to keep the amounts at safe levels, some companies have been found guilty of shipping products containing hazardous levels of formaldehyde to the U.S. and other countries. This can be seen in this test performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which revealed that specific types of wood laminate flooring contained hazardous levels of formaldehyde.

According to the EPA, formaldehyde can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat. High levels of exposure may even cause certain types of cancers.

While you can take precautions by paying attention to labels and researching points of production origin, we recommend steering clear for the peace of mind.

The reasons mentioned above are why, in our opinion, SPC vinyl flooring is better than WPC vinyl flooring. SPC vinyl flooring offers a durable, safe, and affordable solution to your home design needs. It comes in many different colors and patterns so you are sure to find something you love. You can browse our SPC vinyl flooring selections here. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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